Healthy workers are good for business

At CBH Scotland, we’re committed to improving the health of workers throughout the construction industry. We recognise that the wellbeing of your workforce is paramount to the success of your business, because a healthy workforce is more productive and efficient. It’s also something you’re legally obliged to monitor.

With this in mind, we do all we can to help you keep your people in the best possible health – with support, expert advice and education that is tailor-made for your business.

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Whether you’re a self-employed builder, an SME or a major contractor, CBH Scotland is for you. To us, the wellbeing of your team is the most important facet of your business. As a result, we operate across the industry to drive the highest possible standards of work-related health.

Join CBH Scotland and you’ll have the best support at your fingertips – day in, day out. With our help, you will always be on top of your game when it comes to looking after your staff.

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Health-check data: Access historical health-check data about your employees in real time, to keep track of their wellbeing. Using a secure platform, you can view information about your employees’ health. That way, you can identify and deal with any issues, and resolve potential problems before they develop.

Fitness for work: Gain on-site access to Fitness for Work results, enabling you to make appropriate adjustments to the working environment. We can also provide access to Drugs and Alcohol results if required.

Expert advice: We provide impartial advice for you and your employees. And it’s only a phone call away thanks to our dedicated advice line: 0845 873 7726.

A network of accredited OH professionals: Take the time and hassle out of choosing an OH professional by using one of our accredited providers. For further advice on this process, or if you want to find your own provider, get more information here.

Save tax: Offset your membership fees against tax, taking cost out of your business. You can read more about this in these pdf documents: here and here.

Cutting-edge research: We’re accruing and analysing data all the time about the health of Scotland’s construction workers. We share our anonymised research among members and legislators, helping to sharpen practice and inform policy.

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Membership Fees
Number of employees Annual charge (excl VAT)
Less than 10 £125
Between 11 and 25 £250
Between 26 and 50 £500
Between 51 and 100 £750
Over 100 £1000
Self Employed/Independent* £5

Notes: All prices are exclusive of VAT at the governing rate
All fees exclude the cost of occupational health checks
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Around 70,000 working days are lost each year due to ill health

“Having a record of my employees health helps my company minimise downtime”