About CBH Scotland

Our aims

CBH Scotland is a national scheme to manage work-related health in the construction industry. We take our responsibilities seriously, and are committed to serving our members to the highest standards.

We work to five key objectives:

  • Setting standards: We establish and maintain industry standards for workforce health monitoring, work-related health issues and occupational health provision. This includes defining safety-critical workers within the construction industry, and outlining fitness for task (FFT) checks.
  • Building knowledge: We’re developing a web portal of knowledge that’s tailored to the construction industry. This provides a source of impartial advice, guidance and support to help our members manage health-related risks.
  • Storing data: We offer a centralised store of work-related health data that gives members reliable information about their workforce and establishes a benchmark for the construction industry.
  • Risk management: Fit for task data is accessible at site level, minimising delays in employers carrying out a risk assessment.
  • Specialist support: We help our members find specialists in return to work and rehabilitation, ensuring industry-leading support.

Campaigning for better health

As well as the direct support we offer to our members, CBH Scotland has an important campaigning role. We seek to:

  • Improve the long-term health and wellbeing of people in the Scottish construction industry
  • Raise occupational health in the construction industry up the political agenda, especially at Holyrood
  • Reduce the costs to the Scottish economy of work-related ill health in the construction sector
  • Introduce a standard baseline health check for all new recruits to the Scottish construction industry
  • Increase our membership, thereby increasing the number of Scottish construction companies that contribute to the only national database for work-related health management
  • Bring about a significant increase in the number of construction workers able to continue working in good health until retirement
  • Significantly reduce the amount of people suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer, musculoskeletal disease and vibration white finger as a direct result of working in the construction industry